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The Kerala Story’ Movie Review: Adah Sharma’s Film

About the movie

the kerala story is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language film based on true story – unfolding a shocking truths and dangerous conspiracy that has been planned against India to convert india into islamic country. The Kerala Story is based on true stories showing how Thousands of innocent women have been systematically converted, radicalized & their lives destroyed.

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directed by Sudipto Sen and produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah. It stars Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, and Siddhi Idnani.

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BudgetEst. ₹15–20 crore (US $1.8–2.4 million) is the overall budget of the film
Box officeest. The Kerala Story in five days, has earned close to Rs 57 crore even as West Bengal has banned it. but day by day has been a super hit at Box Office. The movie was not only released in India but worldwide.
3/5Times of India

The Kerala Story’: Can Kids Watch It?

This movie is based on true story

  1. There are many sexual scenes in the movie
  2. There is also brutal murder scene and In this movie very big issues like particular religion have been talked about.

As suggested by viewer this movie hit hard by its brutal murder scene so Do not see anyone below 18 years, but on other side‘ The Kerala Story’ is a fantastic guide on what not to do when someone is brainwashing you, especially for young girls and boys going away from home to college. so you should tell or explain the story in your own way.

“The kerala story” Story

The Kerala Story
The Kerala Story

We have explained this movie in short, but this movie is very much for awareness, so please watch this movie in theater or through online medium.


The film begins with the interrogation of Shalini/Fatima Ba ( Adah Sharma ) by the Afghanistan authority, who has escaped after being captive in an ISIS hideout for a year.

The film then goes into flashbacks, where she narrates her story of how she ended up in the ISIS base in the Afghanistan-Turkey-Syria border.

The story goes back to when Shalini joined a nursing medical college in a district of Kerala and meet Geetanjali (Siddhi Idnani) and Nimah (Yogita Bihani), and another Muslim classmate Asifa (Sonia Balani), who soon starts her plan to brainwash the three girls and recruit them for ISIS.

Sudipto went raw with his content this time and gave some hard-hitting, and strong dialogue. When Shalini is informed that she can’t get her phone back as Sharia law doesn’t allow women to keep a phone with themselves, she responds with logic and says, ‘Jab Sharia law bana tha, tab phone nahi the’, and the narrative follows many such scenes, which left the audience smile and clap in the theatre.

The narrative also shows how the fear of Allah is fed to the girls with scripted attacks, fake love angles, and sexual intimacy with an aim to impregnate the women so that they can be taken to Syria at an ISIS base.

Amid the dark elements and a couple of cruel rape scenes, the makers also a glimpse of the culture and beauty of Kerala.

However, the film is based on half-truths and is based on a few statistics. However, when it comes to hard evidence, we all go empty-handed. It’s a good debatable topic but the real truth is what we all want to know. Well, the film will make you all Google the real story. So, Good Luck with that!

Movies plus point by viewer

“The Kerala Story,” It’s a thought-provoking film that tackles the sensitive issue of ISIS recruitment from Kerala. I must say, it was quite courageous of the filmmakers to delver into such a controversial topic.

The movie does an excellent job of raising awareness about the dangers of radicalization and how it impacts communities. It sheds light on the methods used by extremist groups to manipulate vulnerable individuals, and it humanizes the victims, showing the struggles faced by families and communities affected by radicalization.

“The Kerala Story” manages to maintain a balanced approach. It not only highlights the issue of ISIS recruitment but also portrays the cultural heritage and traditions of Kerala. By doing so, it creates a stark contrast between the beauty of the region’s cultural tapestry and the unfortunate reality of extremist influences.

the film didn’t glorify or sensationalize the topic. Instead, it offers a critical examination of the socio-political factors that contribute to vulnerabilities. It prompts important discussions and helps us understand the underlying reasons behind such issues.

The direction, screenplay, and performances in the movie are top-notch. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, the narrative remains engaging, keeping you invested in the characters and their journeys. The cast delivers powerful and nuanced performances, effectively portraying the emotional turmoil and dilemmas faced by those affected by radicalization.

Movies cons

The story should always clear that they are being used by PFI or related organization who forces conversion
The story should have been balanced with the message

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