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Speech Recording and Transcription jobs Indian Institute of Science

In today’s globalized world, language plays a crucial role in communication. While English has become a universal language, preserving and promoting local dialects and languages is equally important.

Many dialects face the risk of being lost or forgotten as younger generations become more influenced by mainstream languages.

To address this challenge, a new job profile has emerged: Speech Recordings along with Transcription in Your Local Dialect. This article explores the significance of this job profile and the impact it can have on language preservation.


Preserving Local Dialects

Local dialects carry the rich cultural heritage and traditions of a particular region or community. They provide unique insights into the history, lifestyle, and values of a specific group of people. However, due to various factors such as migration, urbanization, and globalization, these dialects often face the threat of extinction.

Preserving local dialects is vital for maintaining cultural diversity and ensuring that future generations have access to their linguistic roots.

Speech recordings along with transcription in local dialects can serve as valuable resources for linguists, researchers, and language enthusiasts.

These recordings capture the nuances, pronunciation, and vocabulary specific to each dialect, offering a comprehensive understanding of the language’s evolution.

Job Profile: Speech Recordings and Transcription

The job profile of Speech Recordings along with Transcription in Your Local Dialect involves recording conversations, speeches, and storytelling sessions conducted in local dialects. These recordings are then transcribed into written text, ensuring that the dialect’s linguistic details are accurately documented. The role requires individuals who are fluent speakers of the dialect and possess excellent listening and transcription skills.


Conducting Speech Recordings: Job incumbents will be responsible for recording various forms of spoken content in the local dialect. This may involve interviews, group discussions, or even public speaking events.

Ensuring Audio Quality: The audio recordings need to be of high quality to capture the intricacies of the dialect. Jobholders will be required to use suitable recording equipment and techniques to achieve optimal results.

Transcribing Recorded Content: After the recordings, the job holder will transcribe the speech into written text. This transcription process demands accuracy, attention to detail, and proficiency in both the local dialect and the target written language.

Skills: Basic Computer Knowledge and Typing Skills

Job Location: Work from Anywhere

Qualification: Freshers and Experienced Individuals Can Apply

Basic Remuneration: Rs 500 for Every 20 Minutes of Effective Duration (Pro Rata Basis)

Skills Required

To excel in the role of Speech Recordings along with Transcription in Your Local Dialect, certain skills are essential. These include:

Basic Computer Knowledge: Proficiency in using computers and familiarity with audio recording and transcription software is necessary. Basic troubleshooting skills may also be required to ensure smooth operations.

Typing Skills: Accurate and efficient typing skills are crucial for transcribing recorded content. Good typing speed with minimal errors helps to maintain productivity and meet deadlines.

Language Proficiency: Fluency in the local dialect is a fundamental requirement for this job profile. Strong command over the spoken and written aspects of the dialect ensures accurate transcription.

Job Location Flexibility

One of the significant advantages of Speech Recordings along with Transcription in Your Local Dialect job profile is the flexibility it offers in terms of location. As long as individuals have access to a computer with the necessary software and a reliable internet connection, they can work from anywhere, be it their home, a coworking space, or even while traveling. This remote work setup provides convenience and the opportunity to choose a comfortable and productive work environment.


This job profile welcomes both freshers and experienced individuals. While specific qualifications may not be mandatory, a strong understanding and command of the local dialect are essential. This ensures accurate transcriptions and the preservation of linguistic nuances. However, individuals with prior experience in transcription or linguistic studies may have an added advantage, as they may be familiar with transcription techniques and have a better understanding of the linguistic context.

Basic Remuneration Structure

The remuneration for the job profile of Speech Recordings along with Transcription in Your Local Dialect follows a pro rata basis. Individuals can expect to earn Rs 500 for every 20 minutes of effective duration. This structure ensures that the remuneration aligns with the amount of work completed.

The effective duration refers to the actual time spent transcribing the recorded content, excluding breaks or interruptions. As the job is flexible in terms of location, individuals can determine their own working hours, allowing them to manage their time and earnings accordingly.

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The job profile of Speech Recordings along with Transcription in Your Local Dialect presents a unique opportunity to contribute to language preservation while working from anywhere.

With the necessary skills, including basic computer knowledge and typing proficiency, individuals can transcribe spoken content in their local dialect, preserving linguistic nuances and cultural heritage.

Freshers and experienced individuals can apply for this role, and the remuneration structure offers fair compensation based on the duration of transcriptions. By embracing this job profile, individuals can actively participate in language preservation efforts and contribute to the documentation of local dialects for future generations.

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