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Niti ayanniti aayog internship scheme 2023

Niti ayanniti aayog internship scheme 2023

NITI Aayog Internship Scheme 2023 List [NITI Aayog Internship Program Scheme ] Application Form, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, Selection Procedure, Start Last Date of Registration Candidate List

National Institute of Transforming India or NITI Aayog is a new department of the Central Government of India. Earlier all the programs of this department were prepared and handled by the Planning Commission. Later, the Central Government replaced it with NITI Aayog. This department will be responsible for the research and development of any scheme. Recently, NITI Aayog has decided to provide an opportunity to the students of the country to do internship by staying in this department.

NITI Aayog Internship Scheme

The main benefits of this scheme Main Benefit Of The Scheme:
The main objective of this scheme is to explain the process of National Building Process to the Indian students closely, so that they can know and apply in the future. In this scheme, students will work under officers present in various government departments and understand the working process of these departments and the research done for it.

Key Features of Intern Scheme and Eligibility Criteria:

For students of different levels: Only students can apply in this scheme. In this scheme, any student who is studying in undergraduate, graduation, post graduation or any kind of research field can apply for this scheme.
There is no provision of any kind of payment for interns: Under this scheme, all selected interns who will collect experience by working in government departments will not be offered any kind of stipend or cash.

Age for Internship:

According to the rules mentioned so far, NITI Aayog has not fixed any maximum or minimum age of the students for this internship.

Working Period of Internship: This internship run by Niti Yoga will last for a year. And the students participating in it can apply every month. Out of these students, students will be selected for internship.

Time Period for Internship

NITI Aayog has also clarified that each intern student can get internship of only 6 weeks in this.

Apply Now

Starting and last date of application for the scheme

Under this scheme, interested students can apply from the 1st of every month. This application process for the students will remain open till the 10th of the month.
Certificate for Intern Students: When the intern student completes his internship in his respective department, he is given a certificate by the concerned department. After this internship, there is no guarantee that the student will get a job in the concerned department, but he can take advantage of this certificate at the time of other job.

Necessary Support:

For this internship it is mandatory for each student to bring his/her own laptop for work. Apart from this, if the officer of that department feels that the student will need any other kind of stationery, then it will be made available to the students by the department.

How to apply for internship How to Apply for Internship:

To apply in this, the applicant will have to visit the official site of NITI Aayog. The official site of NITI Aayog is Apply Now .
The registration page for this scheme remains open till the first 10 days of every month.
Here a list of many departments is available for each student, in which he can choose the appropriate department for himself. While applying in this, it is mandatory for each student to choose the area for himself.
Each student can apply for this internship only once in every financial year. And it is mandatory for the selected students to submit the letter and NOC from the college principal or HOD.

How are the Candidates Selected for this internship?

When the process of application for this internship is completed, students are shortlisted from these and this list is sent to the officials of various departments. Full investigation is done before reaching any kind of decision of the officials.

In this, the officer can select only 3 students for each department and he has to present these names before the NITI Aayog CEO before declaring this list.
If too many applications come in any department, then NITI Aayog can resort to different eligibility or cutoff for the selection of students.

It will be the responsibility of the officers of various departments to fulfill the goal of internship and help the students to get the right knowledge. During the internship, the details of students’ attendance, their work and their progress are kept by the concerned department.

The head of each department also monitors the conduct of each student. And if the student needs any kind of data for research work, then he also makes it available.

After the completion of this internship, it is mandatory for each intern student to prepare his papers and reports. The student should submit the prepared report to everyone in that department.

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